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Just Keepers is an online retailer of goalkeeping gloves, clothing and equipment. Just Keepers claim to have the “best selection” of products “for online purchase anywhere in the world”, now whilst I cannot confirm if that is the case what I can say is that they certainly have a large range and offer fast delivery service.

The website is pretty easy to use, its key information that you need about a product is easily found. The search options and menu work well. They do seem to suffer from dead links so if you click through from a search engine you may see a message stating the product cannot be found.

Product Selection
Gloves, clothing, base layers, equipment, books and more. The selection of products offered by Just Keepers is very good. It has everything a young (or old) goalkeeper would need for training and matches. Products that come in different sizes do so in a wide variety meaning keepers of all shape and build are catered for.

Most items that I have wanted to purchase have been in stock, the website shows the stock status of an item / size and won’t let you order if they do not physically have it. I like that approach as it avoids the annoying “delay” e-mails that could follow. For the majority of products like gloves and clothing that have different sizes they seem to generally be available anytime I have looked.

Multiple delivery options are available and range from a standard 2nd class (2 to 5 working days) service to guaranteed next day delivery on order received before 13:00 (UK Time). The prices vary for each service. More details on services and prices can be found here. From personal experience they are fast and efficient.

Special Services
Just Keepers offer glove personalisation, this can be in the form of a players name or initials as well as the addition of flags. I have only ever used this on one pair of gloves for my son (A Christmas present). The letters / flags are stitched into the wrist of the gloves and both look great and are of the highest quality. My honest thoughts are that whilst it is a nice touch for special occasions, it is quite expensive and not something I would want to fork out for on every pair of gloves.

I use Just Keepers quite a lot for gloves, I always tend to shop around yet I seem to buy from them so that suggests that they competitive. For me though price is not everything, more important than price is reliability. I trust Just Keepers, If I order an item urgently they have always managed to deliver. One hint I can give you is that Just Keepers are on Amazon, so if you have an Amazon Prime account you can get Next Day delivery for free and save yourself in the region of £7!

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The views and opinions in this blog are entirely my own and are based on my personal experiences with Just Keepers. I am not affiliated to Just Keepers or any of its competitors.