About Us

This blog is really all about my son and Me. My son is a goalkeeper and I am his dad, hence the name of this site (The Goalkeeper’s Dad).

For a long time my son had been asking me and his mum to play football, we have three children and the idea of giving up either a Saturday or Sunday was not that appealing. Don’t get me wrong, we love football in this house, we are season ticket holders so every other weekend we go off to support our local club. Our issue was that, in our opinion, he was just not that good. He did football clubs and seemed to just blend into the background despite being taller than everyone around him.

Eventually though we caved and he went off to do trials at Morden Little League for the 2018-19 season, it was during these trials that he decided he wanted to be a goalkeeper. As someone who was a goalkeeper that had little to no talent I will admit I was quite pleased.

It was not until the season started that it became apparent to us, his team and the opposition that he was actually quite good at this goalkeeping lark. As someone who had no prior goalkeeping training he instinctively knew where to be and what to do.

Week after week my son put in performances that earned him praise from everyone who saw him. I cannot put into words how wonderful it is when people talk to you about how well your child is doing, even more so when it is the opposition parents and manager. We sent our boy off to Goalkeeper training on Monday nights and immediately he impressed with his work ethic and shot stopping abilities.

In early 2019 we made the decision that our boy would go to the open trials for a number of local clubs. We went to four local teams and all of them were interested in him but he had his heart set on Carshalton Athletic. When he was offered a place he literally jumped with joy.

At this point I decided to start a twitter account @TheKeepersDad to record his exploits and seek out help from others as he began his journey. Just before the start of his first season with Carshalton Athletic I started this blog to record not only his exploits but to put together in one place any and all helpful information about training drills, equipment and all things goalkeeping.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to contribute please see the contact us section for my contact details.