The One Glove Company Junior SLYR Blaze













  • Manufacture Quality
  • Grip
  • Durability
  • Price


  • Finger spines can get dislodged

The SLYR Blaze is a junior glove manufactured by The One Glove Company. My son noticed that both AFC Wimbledon goalkeeping coach Ashley Bayes and goalkeeper Joe McDonald both wear gloves from One Glove so wanted to give them a try. The SLYR Blaze are the first gloves we have tried, and we are extremely impressed.

The gloves arrived with the latex covered in a protective film, this is a small detail but it shows that every care is taken to ensure these gloves arrive in top condition. The manufacturing quality is excellent as are the materials that have been used. The gloves look and feel sturdy and the removable finger spines offer added protection. We have noticed that the finger spines can get dislodged but they are easily moved back into place.

My son finds them comfortable to wear even in cold and wet conditions. As for grip, my son has commented that he is yet to find a glove that can compare with the grip these provide. The grip in the wet is just as good as in the dry.

After about 8 hours of use (6 training sessions and 2 matches) they are only just starting to show some minor signs of wear on the latex. The durability seems to be very good compared to other gloves my son has tried.

Price wise they are very reasonable given the quality and performance that these gloves provide. Me and my son both agree, give these gloves a try, you wont be disappointed!

Training & Match.

Weather / Season
All weather conditions.

Negative cut.

4mm orange pro grade Contact latex. These gloves use a “X-Wrap Control” system. In English that means that the latex gets wrapped around sections of the palm and thumb to provide additional grip on the edge of your hand.

Finger Protection
These gloves have 5 removable finger/thumb spines. They can be accessed via a hidden pouch which is sealed with velcro. The spines can sometimes get dislodged but even whilst wearing the gloves the are easily adjusted back into the correct position. These gloves can be used with or without the spines depending on your preference.

The lower-backhand is material based.

These gloves use a “Midsplit” strap system which combines elements of a traditional latex strap with an elasticated middle section.

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