Movement & Catching

This drill is, as the title suggests all about movement and catching. Its a simple drill that should not be challenging but will get your goalkeeper thinking, moving and catching the ball. It’s perfect as a warm up to get the goalkeepers eye in at the start of a training session.

Place three different coloured markers (hoops or cones etc.) roughly 5 metres from the goal line, lining up the outer markers so they line up just inside the goal posts and the middle marker aligned in the centre of the goal. The goalkeeper should stand in the middle of the goal just in front of the line and the coach should stand roughly 9 to 10 metres away with a supply of footballs.

The coach will call out a colour marker, the goalkeeper should move towards the specified marker and touch it (hand or feet is fine) before moving back to their starting position. The goalkeeper should not turn their back on the coach, that is to say they should return moving backwards. Once they begin moving backwards serve a ball for the goalkeeper to save.

Repeat this exercise 6 to 10 times in a single set.

Change It Up
You could introduce the following changes to increase the complexity and challenge of this drill:

  • Call out multiple markers
  • Introduce the posts as additional markers (for instance left post, green)
  • Increase the speed and alter the direction of the ball service
  • Serve the ball without calling out a marker (although do take care with that one)

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